Worst Thing That Has Ever Happened To You

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Re: Worst Thing That Has Ever Happened To You

Post by azukitz » Thu Dec 22, 2016 1:03 pm

my dad died when i was 10 :cry:
Azu Kitz

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Re: Worst Thing That Has Ever Happened To You

Post by Hellashort » Thu Dec 22, 2016 1:31 pm

When I was riding my bike down the hill and didnt see the electric fence infron of me and it wrapped around my neck :(

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Re: Worst Thing That Has Ever Happened To You

Post by RenfroA » Thu Dec 22, 2016 3:41 pm

The worst thing that happened to me being raped by someone i knew for years, since the 5th grade i grew up in the church during freshman year a kid Jacob i have known for years wanted to hang out like a dumb ass i left to go see him without my parents knowing i had a crush on the kid and was really wanted to meet him.... i met him outside my neighborhood where he raped and attacked me... i left the wash where the attack happened with one shoe, a ripped she blood coming from down there and my lip where he bit me... i had bruises on my throat legs and arms from where he held me down.... i pressed charges which we soon dropped do to threats from his father... he soon switched into my school where he would follow me to my classes because my restraining order only stopped him and his family from talking to me not a distance. even to this day i see him and he sends people to harass me .... i was locked in bathrooms, jumped, threatened because nobody believes me besides my family....

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Re: Worst Thing That Has Ever Happened To You

Post by Lauren.queen » Thu Dec 22, 2016 6:03 pm

I had a panic attack and ran out of the house, my dad went to go pick me up but ended up leaving me there, I walked home with some stranger. When I got home he was sleeping. Lost a lot of respect for my dad since then

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Re: Worst Thing That Has Ever Happened To You

Post by XXVtsnowbunny » Fri Dec 23, 2016 10:48 am

Being born addicted to heroin to two teenage addicts kind of takes the cake. It kind of set me up for all other suffering like getting bullied for not having parents to bring to mother's day and father's day functions at school, being beaten by my father as a little kid, having to bail my mother out of jail, watching her slowly kill herself, being homeless, having the cops wake me up at age 8 to tell me my mom overdosed in a vacant lot and had been dead for 3 days and thats why I was left alone, having my father in and out of prison for gang and drug related charges, hating myself and blaming myself for their addiction, feeling like a burden, never feeling like I fit in, and ultimately my addiction to opiates after I was given morphine at the er when I broke my shoulder. I knew how to shoot up heroin before I could tie my shoes. Once those opiates were in my system, even the knowledge of how life ruining they could be couldn't stop me. Thankfully I got in the program and I'm 18 months sober today. So yeah, being born has kind of sucked. But thankfully, I'm putting myself through college at a public ivy, I have a nice apartment, a nice car, I'm a year and a half sober, I've interned at many high profile nonprofits and I'm set to graduate early in the accelerated grad school program offered at my university with my BA in Anthropology with a global health focus and my masters in public health. Life has kind of sucked and believe me, I've tried to end it plenty of times, but I work hard and its getting better. My own addiction was only a blip in the radar because I have such an amazing self-made family that had my back. I'd be nothing without the generosity of other people and without the people who believed I was worth more than the cards I was dealt.

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Re: Worst Thing That Has Ever Happened To You

Post by Ellsbells » Fri Dec 23, 2016 11:26 am

Getting raped by my own father since I was 6 to the time I was 14. Everyone taught us about stranger danger growing up but I had no idea what to do when confronted by a situation that could have potentially tear my family apart. Dude to the abuse I struggled with anorexia nervosa which almost killed me at about 76lbs and depression, anxiety, PTSD as well as dermatillomania. I don't don't suffer from many of them anymore besides dermatillomania but they still have an effect on me every once in a while. He is currently serving 10 to life but I would personally wish the death sentence upon him due to the pain and damage he put me as well as my family through.

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Re: Worst Thing That Has Ever Happened To You

Post by snowfall21 » Fri Dec 23, 2016 1:52 pm

Worst thing that ever happened to me? Well, im pretty sure this is going to be a whole bunch of stuff leading to one big thing. My family is in severe debt. My father abuses me physically and verbally. My mom abuses me verbally. My older sister abuses me physically and verbally. From time to time, my oldest brother will verbally abuse me and he used to sexually abuse me. This only happened maybe a few times ( I cant really remember it that well because I don't have a very good memory) but my second oldest brother physically abused me. (Hes better now. He went to therapy and anger management and we get along great now actually.) When I was three, my parents lost their house and we were homeless for a couple of months. When we got a house again, if I disobeyed my mother would lock me and a very very tiny closet and I would be in there for hours or days on end. When she finally came to get me I would be crying and I would have pissed my pants and I would be scared to death. When I was five, this kid in my class and his friends started to bully me. When I was six, I started to test knives on me. I didn't even know what cutting was then, but I would just see how sharp the knives were by making some tiny & barely noticeable cuts on my skin. Most of the cuts from that time are mostly faded now (but that knife testing thing went on until I was eleven. its just that the scars from when I was six are mostly faded. ). When I was seven, I started to hang out with the kids at my school who got in trouble a lot. They were usually the ones with families who got in trouble with the police often, or who drank and did drugs and smoked probably every night. They had older siblings who played the choking game and did drugs and drank and smoked. I was hanging out with those kids once ( I was still seven) and we were walking near the train tracks. Then they suggested we play a game where every time a train came, we would have to jump in front of it &try not to get hit by it. I was kind of afraid to, but they said that if I didn't I would be a scaredy cat and they wouldn't hangout with me anymore. I was terrified of not hanging out with them anymore, because I was lonely and didn't have any friends. So I suggested that I would be the first to try to jump in front of the train. When the train came, I jumped in front of it and almost got hit. But my adrenaline was pumping and I felt reckless and I loved... I don't know... the feeling of not getting hit? IDK. But then none of the other kids wanted to try it because they were too scared to. “You're so brave,” They told me. I felt so good about myself. Then we started playing the choking game. A couple of weeks later, after they had stopped calling me the name that they had given me, I suggested that we try to play that train game again. We did, and I was terrified: three of those kids I hung out with nearly died because I suggested we play that game. I stopped hanging out with them, because I was scared that if I continued to hang out with them, I would bring harm onto them. I thought I was bad luck. So, I started to only hang out with people at school. I thought that if we hung out at school, no one would get hurt because schools were safe. (this was when I was ages seven to nine, by the way) I lived like one or two blocks away from the school, and the friends I hung out with didn't have to go home until like nine, so we hung out at my school a lot. So one night, some highschoolers that did drugs and drank and smoked started coming to the elementary school. They offered us some cigarettes, and I took one. None of my friends took any; they just up and left. They looked behind them once, as if they were tempted to come back there to get me, but then they just turned around and walked away. I wanted them to come back, but then a highschooler lit my cigarette and I couldn't see my friends anymore. I had one cigarette and tried to smoke it. Then the next I remember is a highscooler got me to drink some alcohol and then I was at my house crying in my underwear and they were in my kitchen. They stole some of my parents money and took all of our food (we didnt have that much to begin with)and hit my parents cars with baseball bats. They came back from time to time and just stared at my bedroom window, as if they were waiting for me to come outside so they could get me to do something bad with them. Anyways, the next day at school no one would talk to me: my friends had told everyone what I had done. I was bullied even more & by everyone from that day until I was ten, (even after I turned ten I was still being bullied, jut not as often.)and I only played with some people at recess who were like the friends I hung out near the train tracks. Then when I was nine, my grandpa died & a month later one of my cousins died. I was depressed. I tried to kill my self during the summer by jumping in front of a car. It didn't work out, and the car swerved off of the road and the person inside was hurt but not too badly. They asked If I was OK and walked me to a ice cream place and got me some ice cream. Then they walked me back to my house and asked if I was OK now. I said yes, and then I walked inside after waving to goodbye to them and I never saw them again. I never even asked for their name. When I was ten, we got a new student at my school and she started to hang out with me.She lived with her mother and two brothers and her mother drank and smoked. One time when I was at her house she gave me a cigarette and I smoked it while she drank. then we traded and I drank while we smoked. this happened a couple of times until it was her eleventh birthday and she told me in front of everyone that I had ruined her life. Then she and everyone went to the park across from her house and I sat there and talked with her mother and two brothers and she told me that kids are stupid. I agreed and her mother just smiled at me and offered me her cigarette and drink. I smoked the cigarette and took a sip of her drink. I then gave her her drink back and stomped out the cigarette. The girls mother smiled at me and said that she wished she had a daughter like me. I smiled at her and said that I wish I had a mother like her. We laughed and the girls brothers laughed with us. A minute later my mother came to pick me up and I left wanting to drink some more and smoke some more. But no one in my family smoked or drank or did drugs or anything. So then I walked back to my friends house and took a lighter, a couple of packs of cigarettes, and a couple of bottles of alcohol and hid them in my room. I shared a room with my younger sister but she was afraid of the dark and was scared of me and only slept in my parents room. That night I tried to kill myself with some pill bottles but my sister found me and my parents took me to the hospital. I was there for a couple of days and then released because my parents couldn't afford for me to stay in the mental hospital. Life went on at my household like it usually did except for this time my sister was even more terrified of me. Any time I wanted to smoke or drink I would either hide in my closet and do it or go outside and go to a park in the middle of the night or something. Me and that girl started to hang out a lot but her mother found out that she was smoking and drinking so the girl wasn't allowed to do it anymore. My parents didn't really care when I came home, as long as I was at my house often enough so that they would know I wasn't dead. So I would spend days on end at that girls house playing video games, watching movies, sneaking a bottle of alcohol or a cigarette out of her moms room and trying to do homework (we tried to do homework because we both had to do summer school). At night when I couldn't sleep I would sit on the girls back porch with her mom and would smoke and drink with her mom. Then when school started again and I was eleven my parents found my cigarette stash and alcohol stash and I couldn't drink or smoke anymore. We moved to a different town after that because my mother didn't want me associating with people like that anymore. So, yes, my mother does care about me. Its just that she is Bipolar and she also has borderline personality disorder so :/ yeah. I do love her though. Anyways, I started going to a different school because of the bullying. On my last day of school for me in my old town, everyone gave me going away cards and said they were going to miss me and that they loved me and that they were very sad friends. Half of them were people I didn't even know or were the people that bullied me. The night that I left the town for good with my family, me and that girl and her mom and her brothers all had a small little going away party for me. I never saw them again. Anyways, I now lived in a different town, but I also went to a school that was in a different town than the one that I lived in. This was so that I couldn't hang out with people like that girl and her mother all the time. The year I moved to a different town and started going to a different school was the year I figured out what cutting was and the testing knives on my skin thing turned into actual cutting. I tried to kill myself again with pills, but it didn't work and like last time after I went to the hospital for a few days I went back home because my parents couldn't afford the mental hospital. I did make new friends and I loved them but I couldn't really hang out with them all that often and I couldn't really tell them what I was going through. So then my depression got worse and things at home got worse because my mother kept losing her jobs and my father wouldn't get a new and better paying job. We kept losing more and more money each month and during summer we couldn't really afford anything so I would get super skinny and anorexic because we would rely on school for food. I would wear clothes that would get way too big on me, but I would also want the clothes to be so big on me they would cover up every part of my body and be so loose they would keep falling off. But then school started again and I turned twelve and I had to start eating again so that people wouldn't notice that I was anorexic. So then I got fatter than I was before. At least I thought so. We didn't own a scale, but at school they would do that thing where they weighed you every few months or so to see if you were healthy. ( so here is how much I weighed from fifth grade to seventh grade: 5=130 pounds. 6= 140 pounds. 7=120 pounds.) So then I got stressed about my weight and I wouldn't really eat that much. Then I would get stressed about something else and it was so bad because then those two things would mix together and I wouldn't know what I was stressed out about anymore and when I get stressed I don't eat anything at all. And then I would notice that I wasn't eating and I would start eating a crap load and then I would get fat again and it would be just a continuous loophole. So that still happens to this day. So throughout the year I made friends with this one girl who had pretty much the same problems as me. I thought of her as my very best friend, although we didn't hang out often. She usually helped me out with stuff, and I am so grateful that we are still friends to this day. Anyhow, on the last day of school, I hung out with her and slept over at her house with another girl. Then next day, the other girl invited me to another sleep over. I didn't really know the girl or the girl who was hosting the sleep over, but my parents were fighting and I just wanted to leave the house. So then I went to the girls house to sleep over. I was in seventh grade and they were in eighth. There were two other people there, a guy and a girl, and they were highschoolers. One of the highschoolers, the girl, did drugs and smoked and drank. Throughout the night she was stoned and everyone but me and the girl who invited me told stories about their sex life and showed us their cuts (because the only ones who didn't cut themselves there were the guy and the girl who invited me.) I didn't show them my cuts though. So then we started playing truth or dare, and I was dared by the girl who had invited me to kiss the girl who was hosting the sleepover twice. She would be my very first two kisses. Then the girl who would be my first two kisses took her pants off and she was wearing a thong and she sat on me twice and the highschoolers once each time. So then the girl who would be my first two kisses and the two highschoolers went into a different room and shut the door (we were in the basement) while the girl who invited me fell asleep. I just sat there for a while breathing in the smoke from the stoned girl and then grabbed a cigarette and a lighter and walked outside. I walked around for a bit smoking and wondered why I was still alive. So then after a while I finally remembered that it was past curfew for kids my age to be walking around town. So then I headed back to the girls house. The whole time I was walking, I came up with a plan on how I would kill myself and what would happen afterwards. So when I got back I stomped out the cigarette and walked inside. I ate something earlier and I had just recently started purging myself, so then I went to the bathroom and puked what I ate earlier up. When I walked out of the bathroom the girl who would be my first two kisses asked if I was OK. She thought that I had left. I told her no, I couldn't leave because I live in a different town a couple of hours away and I couldn't call my mom because she was at work and I couldn't call my dad because he was asleep. So then I went back downstairs and fell asleep. So then the next day I hung out with the girl who would be my first two kisses and when I got home I tried to kill myself with a razor. It didn't work and I was admitted to the hospital. I was discharged a few days later because my parents couldn't afford the mental hospital bill. I haven't tried to kill myself since then, though I have thought about it. Anyways, school started again and I just passed my grades so that I could advance up a grade. A couple weeks after school started, a guy asked me out and I said yes because I didn't want to say no and hurt his feelings. But he had just broken up with my best friend ten minutes earlier and I thought they broke up the day before and I felt really bad. I felt like a whore. I broke up two days later with him on a Saturday and I told everyone that I just wanted to take a break from dating( I never even dated before but we were in middle school and I think that dating before you graduate is just dumb.). So then he asked me out recently but I said I didn't love him anymore like that, but the truth is I never loved him like that. And he is such a dick too, because of multiple reasons. And his girl friend that he hangs out with is a bitch because they both threatened to beat this one girl up multiple times and they bully her a lot. Also, (this is the ABSOLUTE WORST thing that has ever happened in my life) my very best friend tried to take her life just recently and she was the one who dated the dick before I dated him. They were still friends, but the night my best friend tried to kill herself, she texted the dick and told him what she was going to do. He didn't care. She thought that he was just doing this for attention. I didn't have a phone and I was told that I couldn't know. So then for a week I was terrified and worried because I didn't know where my best friend was. I didn't eat anything for like a week, and I couldn't sleep like at all. Then she told me what she tried to do by messaging me on a social media site. I am so happy that she is still alive!!! If it weren't for her I would be in such a worse state. Shes helped me through so much and I am trying to help her out even more than I have before. But I am so pissed at that dick. Anyhow yeah. That's my story and I am so sorry that it is so long and that my grammar sucks. Also I found your videos when I was twelve during the summer and you've helped me out too. Thanks King Cuck :)

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Re: Worst Thing That Has Ever Happened To You

Post by Fuckboy97 » Fri Dec 23, 2016 7:29 pm

The day i failed on commiting sucide.

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Re: Worst Thing That Has Ever Happened To You

Post by Kkatrow87 » Sat Dec 24, 2016 4:18 am

On Christmas eve 2010 my mom had to go to the hospital. She was diagnosed with what the doctors previously described as "Fatigue from divorce" but what was really type 4 breast and bone cancer. She never came back home. I miss her.
I am who I am, and I do what I need to do.

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Re: Worst Thing That Has Ever Happened To You

Post by actually.grace » Sat Dec 24, 2016 4:20 am

first time drinking I ended up waking up in bed naked with a stranger the next day. later found out I also lost my virginity to that guy through pictures being spread around my old highschool lol. its chill tho lol

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Re: Worst Thing That Has Ever Happened To You

Post by Kamusta » Sat Dec 24, 2016 6:56 pm

i was sleping in my uncl lap on chair thing when i was 9, i woke up and felt a hand up my skirt but was so scared i didnt do anything..
he has hurt me for years! raped me so much! I hate myself idk how to live!.. I honestly do not feel like i am worth anythin or that i can recover. I need a friend any other girl just to talk to?
(forgive me im no sure wher to post somthin like this?)
(no fuly good with english)

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Re: Worst Thing That Has Ever Happened To You

Post by Rainbowpowdersw » Sun Dec 25, 2016 1:27 pm

Well my dad was told he had stage 4 kidney cancer when I was 12 and he passed away October 13,2015 me and him were really close he meant the world to me and I still miss him my mom got remarried like in may or June to new guy who's hateful and talks bad about my dad and won't let me go see my dads grave so yeah

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Re: Worst Thing That Has Ever Happened To You

Post by emwright520 » Sun Dec 25, 2016 2:01 pm

My 14 year-old cousin died after 3 days of being in a coma (he was hit by a car). I was 13.

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Re: Worst Thing That Has Ever Happened To You

Post by xcashleexc » Sun Dec 25, 2016 9:15 pm

when i was 12 my dad had gotten very very drunk and he punched a hole through our front door (it was wood with stained glass). i was sleeping while this happened so i woke up to the sound and my mother screaming at him asking why he did what he did and he grabbed her then said a bunch of things i couldn't understand. it's not like a totally tramtic thing to happen but my dad countinued to be an alcoholic, then we left him. many other things happened, my room flooded bc of him but that was the one that i could recall the most

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Re: Worst Thing That Has Ever Happened To You

Post by Haley Huffman » Sun Dec 25, 2016 9:17 pm

Myself :^)

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