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Post by Bodycount » Sat Oct 29, 2016 8:07 am

So before i get started, i just want to say that i hope you, lainey , your sons and anyone that you care about are doing well.

My names Glen and im a 15 year old kid from an insignificant, shithole of a country called Albania. I recently moved to japan with my parents and sister and i gotta say its been pretty tough. Im going to school currently and i can barely can communicate with anyone there because they barely speak english and i know jack diddly shit worth of japanese(its a japanese public school im going to so that i learn japanese quickly) . That's depresses me so i try to keep in touch with my friends and family as much as possible except for one person.
I love this person very much because we practically grew up together and hes like a brother to me. We would relate so much to each other but now its different. One of the things keeping us together was gaming. But he grew out of that and started being interested in other things. Now he has gone to a direction i dont like. Hes homophobic, treats women like cum dumbsters and suggests i start making friends with people that do the same as he does. He does try to talk to me because he loves me too but the thing is i feel very uncomfortable talking to him to the point where i had to lie to him about our way method of communicating and tell him it wasnt working. I really dont know what to do at this point as i cant just keep lying to him and if confronted him about this i feel like my relatives would hate me. But thats just an unhealthy obsession ive developed. I just wanted to talk to someone about this and i thought you were the right person and i needed to get this off my chest.
I dont know if this will be public or not because its my first time on this site, but if this happens to end up in any other social media or even youtube(fingers crossed), id like that my name, nationality and current location to remain unknown. You can call me cum stain, Albania=dickland and japan=hentai dimension.
"Cum stain is a young boy from dickland who moved to the hentai dimension."
Anyway, i wish you and your loved ones the best of luck(not like thats gonna do anything but its the thought that counts) and wish to hear a reply from you soon.
Yours truly, cum stain
P.S sorry for my grammar but i cant be fucked and youre not barack obama so...

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