What is your opinion on this?

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What is your opinion on this?

Post by Blazedkitty » Wed Jan 11, 2017 8:02 pm

So I just watched your video "Our Relationship Is Over"
From what you explained I can completely understand not wanting to be with someone for using cannabis, what you are saying makes sense, you don't agree with it. I can understand you not wanting some one using it recreational. But my question is what do you think about it being used medically.
I have a rare extreme chronic pain syndrome called CRPS, and in the 9 years that I have had the illness, the only time I ever EVER gotten relief if by using cannabis. I mostly chose high CBD strains because CBD is the chemical that mostly helps with pain. I do not have an addiction to cannabis, with out it I spend my days laying in a bed crying my eyes out. I fully respect your opinion, I'm just wondering if would accept it being used in situations like this.

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