Hello everyone!

Tell us your name, what you're into & just generally submerge yourself into the Onision community.

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Noa K.A Rosin
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Hello everyone!

Post by Noa K.A Rosin » Tue Jan 10, 2017 7:34 am

Heya everyone! I'm a teenager at the age of fifteen from Sweden. I'm commonly known as Noa, so...Thats that! But now, moving on!
I'm about 5'10", brown greenish eyes and brown hair, also glasses. But yeah, I love writing, making poems, getting friends and people to laugh and smile, at or with me. I have a foundness for roleplay as I commonly do it with my friends, but that is enough about that! If you feel like talking, come on up and have a chat.

From a hopefully new friend to a lot of you.

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