Need Moderators To Keep The Forums Clean

If you want Onision to make a specific video, by all means, submit your video suggestion here!

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Re: Need Moderators To Keep The Forums Clean

Post by gracerobison777 » Sat Dec 31, 2016 8:54 am

My name is Grace, and I signed up to this forum so I could get your opinion on my body, personality, and etc. I found this site when I was watching your videos and you were talking about it so I signed up. Also I love your videos I think they are very helpful! I would like to be in charge of the picture section because I am on here a lot and I can help make sure the site is clean! Thank you Onision and I hope I can be a Moderator!
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Re: Need Moderators To Keep The Forums Clean

Post by morganuxx » Sat Dec 31, 2016 8:57 am

My name is Morgan. I signed up to this forum because I know how annoyed you get when people post inappropriate things and you can't moderate all by yourself so I would like to help. My history with Onision are his videos uplifting black women. It was tough growing up a black women in a Euro centric society so I always thought I was ugly unless I bleached my skin, wore weave etc. You taught me from you're videos in a humorous way that black women aren't ugly or uglier, society is just racist. Many other black women who watch your videos agree with me. There are plenty of videos on youtube trashing black women until I found your video. I thought growing up black, dark skin specifically, was a burden. You are right black women are very curvy naturally and often have nice skin. Thanks for not seeing black women beauty through racist eyes. I would like to moderate the picture section.

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Re: Need Moderators To Keep The Forums Clean

Post by Jade G. » Sat Dec 31, 2016 9:00 am

1. jade
2. i just wanted to be in one of your vids tbh, but i stuck around bc it's fun lol and i think this forum thing is neat, especially since you.. uh i dunno how to word it. i just like how you get to know your subs yeah ^_^ not much else other than me just selling myself but meh. oh and i wanted to recommend you a subject thing to do video on but that doesn't matter to me anymore.
3. i found your vids when one of my bro's didn't like your vids and was like "hey jj check out this douche" and i was like "lol i like him he's no bullshit"
um i like least %90 of your vids, they're entertaining for even me so there's that too um... i love the brutal honesty and the uh.. i dunno you're just great ^_^ most times.
- sometimes you're annoying ngl. that banana shit holy **** get out. i love it.
4. i'm content with any section, officer jade, onision.xyc enforcer reporting for etc etc etc
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Re: Need Moderators To Keep The Forums Clean

Post by Laineboyx » Sat Dec 31, 2016 5:14 pm

My prefer name is Laine. I signed up to this forum because I straight up have no life and I like to help so helping you keep the forums clean wouldn't be a problem. I found your accounts roughly two years ago when I was going to a dark time. At first I hate your content and thought you were a jerk but then realized what you said was true and you slowly became one of the factors of me recovering. (Side note; I've tweeted you and Lainey (or do they go by Lane now?) several times and got liked and retweeted. Also I was there when Lainey/Lane leaked their number and I got a reply and was like MOM REPLIED (since this was before they came out as agender :) ). I love your videos and they make me laugh! I don't really mind what section but I would like to be for picture section if possible, if not then any is fine. :) thank you!

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Re: Need Moderators To Keep The Forums Clean

Post by [not important] » Sat Dec 31, 2016 5:59 pm

My name is julianna (Julie)
I sign up for a way to connect with the community . Have a way to fund more people like and to talk about my problems, and get help with them.
I found onision a while ago. Knowing me it probly was in one of my "stay up till 3am watching YouTube." moods.
I personalty think onision's channel is great I mean I don't agree personly with everything but the content is still good and helpful. And the world needs some brutality honest.
The sections I would like to moderate would be personal life, or pictures for videos.
thanks and bye.
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Re: Need Moderators To Keep The Forums Clean

Post by Xymoth » Sat Dec 31, 2016 6:11 pm

Hey. (I know I debated recently in an unacceptable way so that probably leaves me ineligible to moderate, I do apologise, Greg.)
My name is Millie.
I signed up for the forums because I wanted to get a deeper insight on the community you have created. I also signed up because it is very hard to meet people who like Onision anywhere else and I wanted some brutal honesty for myself :lol:
I found your channels during some late night internet trolling around 2 years ago. At first I didn't go back and watch you because I wasn't mentally mature enough to understand your content. I came back about a year later and absolutely fell in love with your creative talents and different channels.
I think your channel does have room for improvement but I will get to that in a moment. Your channels are very well managed and categorised and your content is there and more than sh*t posting and rambling on just for the profit you get from minutes watched. The only thing I would do to improve it is regularise the format, which I believe you are in the process of doing. I do, however, approve immensely of the disclaimers at the beginning of each video. Sadly, not everyone takes heed of that.
The sections I would like to moderate are: Pictures for videos and Contact Onision
I know you do not enjoy reading so I will leave my post here.
Thank you very much Greg, you have helped me through your videos.
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Re: Need Moderators To Keep The Forums Clean

Post by CosmicPanties » Sat Dec 31, 2016 9:04 pm

Hi my name is maddi
I joined this website mostly to talk to other fans and try to get in a video so that I could somehow get back into contact with someone I met at a group home I went to who was going through a rough time and we bonded over our love for your channel, she had been a fan of yours for about 5-6 years and me for about 3, and it would somehow inspire her to find me( not likely but I'm optimistic )
I found your videos a while ago because I was looking for someting to show my friend what yaoi was and I binged your videos for the next year, I am currently converting to vegetarianism and I you have helped me to love my body and see how stupid cutting was
I honestly would be happy with any section but if you do decide to make me a mod I would prefer pictures for videos or personal life
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Re: Need Moderators To Keep The Forums Clean

Post by fangirlashh » Sat Dec 31, 2016 9:19 pm

My name is Ashira, I signed up because I enjoy your videos and I wanted to see how your forums worked while watching you video. I think I found you on my recommended a while ago. I think it was around 1 year and a half ago. I really like your videos on all of your channels, you helped me with body image recently. I would like to be in charge of the picture section if that's okay.

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Re: Need Moderators To Keep The Forums Clean

Post by Littleprincess » Sun Jan 01, 2017 5:12 am

Hi Greg

My names Kate I have signed up for this forum to just help keep the forums clean.
I found out about you from one of my friends a few years ago i personally think you Videos are grate in all aspects.
I would like to to be a moderator for the personal life section or the picture section but I generally don't mind.
Thanks for taking the time to rest this and I hope you have a happy new year.

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Re: Need Moderators To Keep The Forums Clean

Post by M.adeline » Sun Jan 01, 2017 7:37 am

Hello, my name is Madeline.

I love everything you're about.
You're honest, funny, kind, helpful, and you don't murder animals for your hunger. (-:
I discovered you YEARS ago. Not too sure when, but back then I wasn't as interested in your videos because I was so young, so I never watched them. Although, times have changed and now that I'm older and a lot smarter I really do enjoy watching your content now.
I have never moderated a forum before, or really even used a forum before, but it'll be nice to start now. I joined the forum because it's honest.
I very much so like the idea of spreading around that honesty matters.
You won't get far if you just rely on the comments like "you look very nice, honey" being said by your parents every now and then.
Different insight and opinions do matter, and that's what I enjoy most about you.
If I could moderate the picture section that would be great. I'm open to anything, really.
I wish you and Lainey the best.
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Re: Need Moderators To Keep The Forums Clean

Post by spirals » Sun Jan 01, 2017 3:22 pm

Hi, my name is Dan.
I joined Onision xyz because you spoke a lot about it in your videos and everyone seemed really friendly. I signed up to this forum because I wanted to be able to lend a hand after everything you've done for us.
The first video that I watched of yours was one of the self harm videos. I was self harming at the time and I liked that you spoke honestly and said things that the other youtubers were afraid to say. I kept on watching your videos because you were funny and I felt like I owed you one for helping me stop self harming.
I would like to be a moderator of the Personal Life section or the Everything Else section if they aren't too cramped already. If there are too many moderators already there, I'll just go with which ever section has the least moderators.
Thank you for being such an inspiration, but I'm sure you read that in every post.
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Re: Need Moderators To Keep The Forums Clean

Post by piercethelivy » Sun Jan 01, 2017 3:37 pm

1. Olivia
2. It would be awesome to be involved by helping you
3. I found you a couple years ago through your "Reasons To Live" video (before you deleted it and re uploaded onto the archive channel) which opened a whole new point of view for me due to me being blinded by my stupidity and I respected you instantly.
4. Personal Life section

Rock n roll brother! Good Luck! ;)

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Re: Need Moderators To Keep The Forums Clean

Post by Chell » Mon Jan 02, 2017 12:10 am

Chells sweet, sweet application:

Evenin' - my name is Chelsea, though most tend to call my Chell. I'm a fairly active user here, despite the sincere lack of posts. (I'm more of a lurker.)
I know it's not necessary you know, but I'm an avid gamer and you'll most likely find me on my PC for a good 30 hours at a time.


I originally signed up here to get more involved within' the community. As I said above, I'm more of a lurker - and tend to just /watch/ as things go on per-say. Though, I intended to change that - getting more involved amongst fellow viewers of yours and you yourself. I've made a good few friends through this forum due to having similar interests to them, so of course; I don't regret staying active here at all.


I began watching your videos roughly 5 or 6 years ago. I remember being about 14 years old in my friends house, watching your videos in the middle of the night under the covers because it was our bed time - giggling to ourselves like absolute maniacs.
Some of my favourites at the time needed to be FLASHING LIGHTS and UTUBE N00B (I dug deep to find that one again).
It's cool to have seen you grow and expand your audience n' of course watch you grow as a person.
I love the brutal honesty, I love the comedy and I love the content.


I think the board I'd be most in touch with would be the Games and Polls section.


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Re: Need Moderators To Keep The Forums Clean

Post by Charlee » Mon Jan 02, 2017 1:16 am

I'm Charlene,
and I found you a few years ago randomly browsing through the web, I had a lot of time on my hands because I was bedridden after a operation so I watched a few of your videos. To this day I dont always agree with you, but I do agree with your core message, aspeshaly how you work with your viewers on their own issues. To cut it short I'd like to moderate 'personal stories' to keep users on this forum save.

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Re: Need Moderators To Keep The Forums Clean

Post by Allisonlaine » Mon Jan 02, 2017 2:30 am

Hello! My name is Allison, Alli for short. I signed up to meet new people, make new friends, and just bond over something we all love. Your videos. I don't exactly remember when I started watching you, but I know it hasn't been recently. I am intrigued by your videos. I love to go watch your funny videos for a laugh, your debating on different topics to learn more about something. I also love your body videos to get a good idea on how I am. You have helped me immensely but I'm still struggling with how I view my body. But what I truly love is your deep, meaning videos that give us all an insight on your life. The raw, comes-from-the-heart videos.
The section I would like to moderate is the personal life section. The ones where people can vent and share their frustrations and dark thoughts. Not only do I want to moderate these, I want to lend a hand to help and a shoulder to lean on. I believe I could possibly make that section not a better place, but a safe zone where people know trolls won't harm them. I just wish there was something like this website when I was in a darker place.
Anyways, I hope you consider me for a moderator and if not, I understand! I hope you have a wonderful day/night and thank you for this opportunity.

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