Need Moderators To Keep The Forums Clean

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Need Moderators To Keep The Forums Clean

Post by Onision » Sat Dec 24, 2016 11:31 am

Hello! So! I can't moderate this whole forum on my own, so I need your help!

Please apply below to be a moderator, include your:

1. First name.
2. Why you signed up to this forum.
3. Your history with Onision (how you found me/what you think of my videos)
4. Section of the forum you would like to be in charge of (game section, personal life section, picture section etc)

And that's about it!

If I like your application, I'll make you a moderator of one or more of the forums on this site.

Your duties:
1. Keep the forums clean/positive/healthy/spam free!

That's about it.

Thank you!
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Re: Need Moderators To Keep The Forums Clean

Post by betareil » Sat Dec 24, 2016 11:52 am

My name is reilly
i signed up on this forum because I wanted to join the community you managed to create here and contribute to ideas and content to your videos!
originally I found you YEARS ago, when I was 13 and was struggling with self harm and anorexia. Watching your videos helped me through that. My favorite thing to do when I'm sad is watch your speaks videos because your blatant honesty helps me a lot. So thank you for being you, really.
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Re: Need Moderators To Keep The Forums Clean

Post by Papavanilla » Sat Dec 24, 2016 12:30 pm

My name is Lloyd. I signed up to this forum because I noticed you talking about how we could be apart of your videos by looking at, so I wanted to check it out and join because I watch you all the time and it would be awesome to be apart of any of them. For moderating I would probably do best with pictures, and making sure no one is posting anything illegal or spamming anything. I could also do well with the personal life section, and make sure no one is posting things such as their address or extremely personal information that would be dangerous to share, or once again spamming, or really anything you'd want me to look out for. I could really work well with any forum, and I'll look out for whatever you need me to be watchful on.
As for my history with you, I'm not sure I remember how I found your YouTube channel at all, but once I watched one video I just kept watching more. I really like the things you upload and respect you as a You Tuber, because you post nearly every day and it's usually always good content. Many You Tubers can't do that at all. You also sort of helped me gain clarity on many things, because I agree with many things you have said before but I never knew how to explain my point, so watching your videos always clarified for myself what I even meant and it was really nice to know there was an explanation and that I wasn't the only one who had that mindset. So the gist of that is I really just like your videos and your content, and I would love to help out on moderating and all that. I'm also sort of new to the website, so I'm still learning how to use it but I can usually figure it out pretty fast, especially if I'm moderating and have to be active often.
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Please message me if you need help.

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Re: Need Moderators To Keep The Forums Clean

Post by Onision » Sat Dec 24, 2016 12:41 pm

You both now moderate a section of the forum, your name is listed below the forum you moderate.

Thanks for your applications.

Any other applicants, please post below.
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Re: Need Moderators To Keep The Forums Clean

Post by KylieKylie » Sat Dec 24, 2016 1:04 pm

I'm Kylie; I signed up to this forum because I was genuinely intrigued to find out about and encourage any interesting video ideas viewers were suggesting for your future videos. I found you through your video on autism, and (if I'm being honest) thought you were stupidly direct and naïve, but also liked how you didn't pity people and cut to the chase, which was a bit of a wake-up call after having therapists trying to make my problems seem tiny and fluffy when I needed to face them head-on, and I've been watching ever since. Emotional talk aside, I think that if you did accept my application, I'd be best suited to the video idea/picture submission section as I find it pretty easy to sieve through inappropriate and unintelligible content.
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Re: Need Moderators To Keep The Forums Clean

Post by gold gloom » Sat Dec 24, 2016 1:19 pm

1.) My name happens to be Emma
2.) I signed up for this forum because I desired to be featured in a video of yours, so I have posted a couple pictures of me in the "Pictures For Videos" section.
3.) My friend told me about you a few years ago, remarking that you were controversial, so I was curious and decided to watch some of your videos. I have diagnosed autism and depression and so a lot of your mental illness related videos intrigued me; I hadn't really found anyone who openly spoke about those sorts of things before I found your videos, so it has been very eye-opening.
4.) I would be able to handle the "Everything Else" forum because I, to put it simply, have always associated myself with an "Everything Else" form of life and am thus quite capable of moderating a forum dedicated to it. I am online pretty much all the time, so you needn't worry about me missing anything.

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Re: Need Moderators To Keep The Forums Clean

Post by Skydevil » Sat Dec 24, 2016 2:02 pm

My name is Anthony, I signed up to the forums initially just to see what it was about and to check it out but now I'm staying because it seems like a fun and interesting place to be and I enjoy how it's less of a forum and more of a community. I found your videos via the controversy you always spark (God knows from where or whom I heard it) but I watched more of your videos because your cut throat approach and cynical view is a huge breath of fresh air from all the pc stuff we have to live with. Not to mention your hilarious. The section I believe id be best at moderating would be Personal life and pictures for videos. I enjoy helping people out with personal problems and making sure that only the right kind of messages and support is given, because without proper guidance a situation can escalate and that's not good for anybody, also it's pretty simple to keep the picture section spam free and clean, I have no problem going through pages of content and checking for stuff. Additionally I've been a mod on other boards before aswell as game servers so I'm not a novice at managing things like this.
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Re: Need Moderators To Keep The Forums Clean

Post by kenai » Sat Dec 24, 2016 2:09 pm

Hi, I'm Kenai!
I signed up for these forums to become part of the community, as I have been watching your videos for 7 years. I wanted to be involved. At first, I found your attitude towards issues to be quite strong, but as I continued watching, I realized the truth was very refreshing, and I agreed with your opinions. I even considered making a similar channel for a while when I was 15, but I decided against it. Your videos have helped me through many tough times, and I appreciate that.
I find myself most often in the Personal Life section, trying to help others and sharing my own life stories, but I am happy to work any forums ^^

Thank you for considering! <3
- Kenai

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Re: Need Moderators To Keep The Forums Clean

Post by ThatOneGay » Sat Dec 24, 2016 2:18 pm

Hi, my name is Heather!~

The reason for signing up to this forum is at some point I noticed you had been adding photos submited by your surscribers and it seemed pretty awesome to be able to know I'm in one of your videos, but I have low confidence when it came to my appearance so I always tend to delay posting a picture then when I have the confidence you've already made a video of that topic o~o

I also found out about your videos one year ago, soon to be two next year. I honestly wish I found them earlier since they knocked sense into me that my self harming was pointless and a waste of time, since only your brutal honesty got it through my head. I didn't want to go to therapy because my parents had not yet found out about my self harming and depression, I didn't want to worry them. So I then looked up videos including self harming and found you, at first I was offended and hurt by the video, but before I started going against your video I stopped and thought for a moment.. I came to the conclusion that everything you said was the brutal truth and I enjoyed that, I still do. I just went on antidepressants once more though, but your videos on self harming stops me from doing it and that brief one moment you said nobody is a `Waste of oxygen` I believe? But the body related ones still haven't stuck yet.

I would be able to handle any of the forums that I am given to moderate, I am always online besides when I go to school and go to sleep so I wouldn't miss anything since I believe a lot of subscribers do have school as well, but even so I would try to make up for the time I'm not checking through the forum I am given.
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Re: Need Moderators To Keep The Forums Clean

Post by blackringdreams » Sat Dec 24, 2016 2:27 pm

Hey Greg! My name is Christian.

I signed up to the forum initially to see what video ideas were being suggested and maybe suggest one of my own. (which I have yet to do)

I originally found you back in 2010 from the banana song video, stopped watching then found you again 2 years ago from the BVB toast video and have watched you daily since then. Because of you I am now a vegetarian as well. I find your drive and consistency to be inspiring and it's encouraged me to stick to a consistent schedule for my youtube channel.

I'd like to moderate the video ideas section.
Thanks for being a cool guy Greg :)
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Re: Need Moderators To Keep The Forums Clean

Post by Onision » Sat Dec 24, 2016 2:38 pm

Moderators updated again.
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Re: Need Moderators To Keep The Forums Clean

Post by Louiza » Sat Dec 24, 2016 6:20 pm

Hi Greg, My name is Mariska :)

I originally signed up to this forum to post a picture of myself (I've never gotten to it though, although I definitely will) as well as to just join the Onision community and perhaps send a video idea or two. Knowing that a community exists where people value sheer honesty is really refreshing!

The first ever video I watched of you was the UhOhBro video "Hip Dips Are Ugly!" (Violin Hips). I searched for hip dips on YouTube because a social media website asked people whether or not they disliked hip dips, and I had absolutely NO idea such a stupid concept existed. I have hip dips, and so I searched it on YouTube to see whether it was really THAT big of an issue. Turns out it isn't, haha! I laughed my ass off at that video, and so I found a favorite YouTuber whose content is funny and sometimes sarcastic but also honest, true, AND helps people with self-esteem issues. Favorite video: Toys For Girls (These Kids Toys Should Be Banned).

I'd like to moderate the pictures for videos section. A lot of people are going to come to this site now that people (idiots) have an issue regarding the pictures your fans send to you, to see what the fuss is all about. God forbid an underage girl DOES send a nude photo to this website. I don't want my favorite YouTuber to get a bad rep.

Thanks for reading! <3
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Re: Need Moderators To Keep The Forums Clean

Post by lolaruby » Sat Dec 24, 2016 6:25 pm

Hi Greg, my name is Tara.
I signed up to this forum just to see what other people's thoughts were. I like listening to people and anything on their mind.
I found you from your Eugenia Cooney videos and from there went to your videos telling girls how their body looked and found it admirable how honest you are and that you say it as it is. Because of watching you I've decided to turn pescatarian (sorry if the spelling was off) because my weight is bad and seeing your opinion from the bodies of girls who don't look that different from me made me realise that I should diet because it would make a big difference.
I'd want to moderate the pictures for videos section or the personal life section. I'd be incredibly happy to help. Love the videos you make!

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Re: Need Moderators To Keep The Forums Clean

Post by Hale.Kat.101 » Sat Dec 24, 2016 7:37 pm

Hey Greg... So my name is Haley, i signed up for this forum because i really like your videos. I found you when one day one popped up as recommended for me and the title of the video just kind caught my attention... I love your videos and I like Lainey's too... Whenever I have a bad day, I usually just watch some of your videos then my days doesn't seem to of been so bad. I would like to be in charge of either the personal life section or the picture section... Thanks....

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Re: Need Moderators To Keep The Forums Clean

Post by _babezie_ » Sat Dec 24, 2016 7:44 pm

Hi my name is Aspen. I signed up to this forum so i could interact with this channel and other viewers. I love the community and it is very fun to be able to connect with everyone and be featured in your videos. I struggle with confidence now in my life and i want to build body positivity for myself and promote it for other people. I found the Onision channel through a ricegum roast lol. I didnt find them entertaining at first im going to be honest, but i like to watch them because you are very honest and its entertaining to see someone that really advocate for so many great communities and your videos are kind of my guilty pleasure haha. And i'd either like to be a moderator for the pictures for videos or the personal life, even though i will work wherever. Thanks Greg and have a happy holidays .

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